Rajya Sabha

AGENDA: Right to Information (Amendment) Bill, 2018

Syeda Asia is the founding member of LEARN, an initiative in life skills education. She is currently pursuing her PhD at Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics. Her work ethnographically explores the entanglement of emotions in the strategy of consortium-based educational organisations. She has worked for education policy implementation under Gandhi Fellowship in rural Rajasthan. Asia is involved in curriculum consultation to Rishi Valley Rural Education Centre - Krishnamurthi Foundation India for content curation in enrichment courses for in-service faculty. Her research in the field of education and organisational studies has been recognised at international platforms such as 25th European Conference on South Asian Studies, Paris, France and UNESCO's Transforming Education Conference for Humanity 2018. She is the recipient of the Emerging Scholars Award at the 19th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations, Vancouver, Canada.