FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Youth Parliament?
It is a space where students can actively engage with various issue. They assemble to voice their opinions on the topic taken up for simulation. It seeks to actively involve the young minds of our country in societal causes. It imparts practical training for the future in order to engage with the politics and society. It encourages the students to contemplate on how to serve the society by entering into public life and assuming roles.

Why join the Youth Parliament?
It imparts practical training in leadership and prepares students for future roles in society, where they may go on to assume leadership in the fields of politics, journalism and so forth. As a forum of debate, discussion and consensus-building, it paves the way for development of respect and tolerance for the views of others. By engaging with different socio-political issues the students are able to develop and enhance their decision making capacity. It provides an excellent opportunity for those who wish to enhance their public speaking acumen.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, students should be dressed in formal school clothes.

How do I research on the bill or the delegate role that I have been assigned?
The background guides for the bills that will be discussed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have been uploaded in the respective tabs on the school website SBS YP 2019. One should first acquaint himself/herself with the salient points of the bill. Having done that, further look into the policy and programmes of the party that the role assigned to you is attached to. What is the party’s stand on it? What reasons are they providing for or against it? Has their stand regarding the bill changed since its introduction in the particular house? Remember it is a role play; hence you need to represent the character and its views very clearly.

Will there be any training provided to delegates which will help in familiarising with the procedure of introducing or passing a bill?
Yes, a training session has been organised on 18.1.19 with experts. The training session will take place from 1.30 pm to 4.15 pm. During the session, students will be made aware of the different procedures of the house as well as how a bill is introduced, passed or amended; what constitutes un-parliamentary language and how one should present ones views without disrupting the discussion will also be reinforced during the session.

What is the role of journalists in the Youth Parliament?
The Fourth Estate's task is to keep the public informed and to keep the politicians on their toes. Much like real life journalists, a journalist at the Youth Parliament will read and report on the issue, write articles after investigating the views of the delegates. Well researched journalists can write opinion pieces but more than that make sure that the politicians represent the best interest of the public. Good quality of articles will be put up on the website.

What is the role of cartoonists in the Youth Parliament?
A picture is truly worth a thousand words. With humour and a sharp critical eye for the absurd, cartoons and other art work can draw attention to crucial issues related to the topics being discussed.